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Ø: Neønymus's first album

Silberius of Ura, the artist behind neønymus, taught some songs to his friend Domingo Barbolla in Ura. He taught his friends of "El Orillar" in Hervas(Caceres). They said they wanted a neønymus concert at its next meeting on spirituality.

In October 2012, neønymus gave a concert there (their second gig). Antonio Carrasco attended the concert and recorded with mobile. When he returned to Salamanca, where he lives, showed it to María Mulas. María said, "this has to see Bernardo". Bernardo Faustino López saw the video, and immediately called Silberius. They talked for 90 minutes about the possibility of recording an album.

In December of that same year, neønymus gave a concert at the Teatro "La Piedad" in Lerma (Burgos) and Bernardo charged in his car a part of his recording equipment, and an hour before the concert was presented in Lerma and recorded the live show. It was a first step to know the repertoire.

In April 2013, Bernardo spoke to Suso Ramalloabout the project, and he joined the crew.

In May 2013, Silberius, Bernardo and Suso for a few days cloistered in the monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos, and began recording in the evenings this work (from 22.30 h. which is when the community goes to rest, to 5.30 h. they are when they return to the choir to pray). They can never thank you enough for this generous gesture P. Abbot Dom Lorenzo Maté and P. Alfredo.

When exhaust the days they could be in the Abbey, followed some unusual recording natural sites around Mataviejas and Arlanza rivers, and Mousterian cave, thanks to sophisticated equipment that has Suso.

Some songs were completed in the study that Bernardo has in Salamanca.

The final mix was mastered by Suso in his studio in Madrid.

At the beginning of August 2013, the CDs were already manufactured.

In October 2013 the album was number 1 of sales on and on iTunes (es) World Music, thanks to the dissemination that the journalist Iker Jiménez gave him in his Milenio 3 program.

A year later, the disc returned to be number 1 of sales, after - again - Iker took Silberius to his television program "Cuarto Milenio". Iker has been instrumental in accelerating the entire history of neønymus.


You can buy this album in Digipack format or digital download from the official neønymus / Silberius store:

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